“As a former SVP Global Creative Director on P&G brands for Leo Burnett, I’ve had the good fortune of working with the best production companies in the business. Now that I’m a single women shop, I still have the good fortune of working with the best in the business, Kate Hurley and Milepost355. Her knowledge and professionalism is quite simply bar none. But it’s that infectious energy and positive attitude that keeps me coming back for more. Add to that her creative mind and it’s a win–win. Love, love, love working with Kathy!” - Mary O’Malley,Creative Director, https://meinkcreative.com/ Chicago


Anyone who has worked with Kate knows that the following statement is true: Kate will always bring more enthusiasm than anyone else in the room to whatever project she has invested in. Period. Her passion has made Milepost355 a special place that elevates the work and dedication of its collaborators. I’ve worked with Kathy since 2006, and am a better director for it.
- Ryan Dunn, Director ,www.liftingfaces.com


"I’ve collaborated with Kate and Milepost355 Productions for many years and I always enjoy the high-quality results we achieve together. I appreciate the speed, preparedness and overall professionalism of working with Kate and MP355. With all the contacts and connections Kate has in the film & video, as well as the post-production industry, she can make just about anything happen.”

- Jan Balster Director | DP | sUAV/Drone Pilot www.83west.xyz


"When it comes to TV advertising, Milepost355 is top notch in every sense of the word. I recently had the pleasure of working with her as a part of a new agency relationship. From the client side, it could not have been a better experience. Kate thought of everything--down to the smallest detail from start to finish. The end result is one of the most memorable ad campaigns in our company’s history. I would work with Kate again in a heartbeat and recommend her to anyone looking for a truly outstanding executive producer."

- Brian Reck, Director, Corp. & Strategic Marketing, SwedishAmericanHealth


"When it comes to producing great work, there is no better than Kate Hurley. She not only has a great eye for creative, she is always in complete control of her productions. Kate is one of the most likable and charismatic people in this crazy business. Clients, directors, production companies all love Kate’s personality and are constantly raving about working with her. If there is a job that you need someone to over deliver on, Kate is your Producer. I can't recommend her enough. She's one of the best in the business."

- Blake Ebel, Founder, Creative Director, Fear Not, Denver


"Kate is an exceptional Producer and a great woman. She has the rare ability to run a big commercial production with ease. I found her to be a great leader with the strong ability to delegate. Kate is great at developing and building a core team - finding people's strengths and supporting their weaknesses. Clients always feel safe and confident when she's at the helm of a production. It's always a pleasure to work with her."

- Michael Chaves, Director, MichaelChaves , Los Angeles

Kate 2014-01-110110.jpg

"Milepost355 Team brings an incredible mix of experience to any project. One of those rare producers that are exceptional at all the varied facets of her job. Kate’s leadership is not only buttoned up and professional but she also inspires creativity and provides a non-stop supply of positive, fresh energy. We have had the honor of working with her for many years, all over the world and she's always our first call."

- Kate Zimmer, Exec. Producer, Mr. Big Film, Los Angeles & Michigan


“A great line producer can make the job and Kate is by far one of the best; if not the best line producer I’ve ever worked with. She is smart, incredibly detailed and can handle even the most insane schedule without a problem. She can take a tiny impossibly small budget and somehow make it look like a high budget spot. She has an infectious positive personality and gains trust with the creative team that is constant throughout the job. She has an incredibly great work ethic and I know I can totally trust her with any job I have. Kate actually made my job really easy, because I didn’t have to worry about a thing, because she is so on top of things. She is amazing." - Diane Chacharon, Exec. Producer, NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago


“I think I have plenty of experience with Kate to give her a recommendation with full confidence. What do you look for in a producer? Well, first is the ability to combine common sense and smarts with the ability to coordinate, budget and organize. There’s no one better at it, she simply has a passion for thoroughness and a hatred of loose ends. She is a leader, a listener, and exudes confidence to all around her. Secondly, and not necessarily in that order, is the ability to relate to your peers and clients while at the same time possess an appreciation and a respect for the creative process itself. She does both, and it shows in her work and her devotion to our world. Kathy is the consummate professional, a woman with integrity and a high standard of personal ethics. Simply a class act."

- Tom Duff, President, Optimus, Chicago/Los Angeles